Saturday, July 27, 2013

Host Your Own Old Time Radio Drama

I want to take a moment to plug something very cool because you need to know about it.

WeirdWorld Stuidio's Host Your Own Old Time Radio Drama is a new kind of... I guess you could call it a party game? But it's more like a Host Your Own Murder Mystery but not. It's a tool box for an evening of fun and shenanigans with friends.

Essentially what they're selling is a themed dinner party with scripts. You and your friends gather around, share a meal and act (from your chair) a part in a radio drama (without the radio). There's meal ideas and suggestions on how to get your paws on some sound effects to throw in. But the big sell is the scripts. They're awesome.

I've had the distinct pleasure to be a part of several Weird World Studio radio drama dinners, and I can say that there is almost nothing like them. As I said, the closest approximation would be a murder mystery party but the Old Time Radio Dramas stand as a really unique evening of fun. The pulp adventure scrips perfectly capture the exciting and camp feel of the stories told by the likes of Lester Dent (with a tongue firmly in cheek). But unlike other, similar homages to those works, the Old Time Radio Dramas put you right in the story and action. There's plenty of opportunity for bad accents, over-the-top acting and improvisation. Those are key. Be a goof, you won't regret it.

You really should check it out. You'd be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable evening with a group of friends.

Go check out their website:

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