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Six months of living in a rundown, cheap motel room has done nothing but sink Roland, a bitter middle aged alcoholic, further into the abyss of despair. His short-tempered cynical ways make his other equally vile bad habits look like a walk in the park by comparison, but a chance run in with a sorcerer on the night he’s to have his last drink is about to turn his lackluster life on its head. The only problem is; old habits die hard.

Griffith, a young apprentice sorcerer, is on a mission: Travel across the Australian countryside to get to Salem. With the troubled Roland by his side, Griffith soon discovers that Roland’s penchant for self-destruction is only the beginning of the battles they’ll face. Their problems go from bad to worse when a bloodthirsty figure from Griffith’s past tracks them down.

In order to reach Salem, both men will have to contend with ghosts from their pasts or risk losing their lives.

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Sorceress' Blood 

Rebecca Williams learned a hard lesson: when you think life can’t get any worse, it inevitably does.

She’s down on her luck when a disaster drags her into a secret world of powerful sorcery, a dangerous cult and the knightly Order of the Witch Hunter.  As if that’s not off-putting enough, that seemingly random event introduces her to a quiet and mysterious young girl with untapped powers.

Unable to trust anyone, Rebecca will have to learn to depend on someone and, for her, that someone is Ashley, the mysterious young girl. Together, they’ll fight to stay alive and remain one step ahead of the obsessed cult anxious to resurrect their ancient, power hungry queen. All they’ll need is a single drop of the Sorceress’ blood.

Will their quest to resurrect the queen ultimately lead to total destruction? Can Rebecca and Ashley thwart the efforts of a powerful and deadly enemy or has their fate already been sealed?

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Summer's End 

Jonathan King is an aging Seattle private detective looking for a little rest and relaxation in the country. He wasn't looking for love, but on his first night in the small farming town of Madison he meets Summer Bell, the first woman to make Jonathan's heart beat in an age. But the next morning, Summer is found dead in her home.

An outsider and the last person seen with Summer alive, Jonathan is the prime suspect. Jonathan knows he can prove his innocence, but can he triumph over fear and corruption while dodging a hot headed deputy sheriff and a hard line FBI agent? With nothing but his cunning and the shirt on his back, time is running out for Jonathan to bring Summer's killer to justice and clear his name.

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Winter City
Billionaire business-man and philanthropist, Alan McLean, is brutally murdered while in the comfort of his own home. Homicide detectives Janet Harvey and Marshal Daniels are assigned to the case. The situation immediately takes a bizarre turn when a neighbour claims to have seen the Grim Reaper in Alan McLean's yard on the eve of the murder.
With each passing night, as the snow falls heavily on the city, more of the wealthy elite are assassinated by the merciless Grim Reaper killer. Anyone foolish enough to interfere with the killers mission is slaughtered without prejudice. Harvey and Daniels, with little evidence, no obvious connection and a rising murder count, desperately search for clues that might reveal the identity of the masked executioner.
As the detectives move closer to solving the mystery, and capturing the Winter City Reaper, the line between good and evil, heaven and hell, truth and justice becomes increasingly blurred. Which is more sinister and disturbing: the Grim Reaper killer or the cruel and greedy world that created him?
In Winter City, every sin has a price and the Reaper has come to collect.
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