Saturday, December 6, 2014

GeneStorm RPG

A friend of mine and seasoned writer, game designer and all around awesome guy, has a project on IndieGoGo for a new tabletop RPG he's developping.

It's called GeneStorm. In addition to being one of the more unique ideas for a game I've seen, it has one of the most interesting dice mechanics I've seen in a game for some time. Here's some details from the IndieGoGo page..

"The game is set in a weirdly beautiful post-apocalyptic future. This is a world of majestic vistas – of abandoned cities floating high in the sky, and overgrown ruins brimming with strange new life. Of huge spacecraft the size of cities crashed into great verdant swamps...
It is a place of terrible dangers. Of sand storms and radioactive dust, of jungles and broken lands swarming with terrible, carnivorous life. A place where gateways lead to a sinister alternative universe where the senses twist and fail, and terrible entities wait to prey upon the weak - A place of ruined, shattered civilisation. Of fallen grandeur and prowling, broken death machines.
- It is a wilderness that has given birth to astonishing new life."
The writing is all finished and the game is ready to play. The IndieGoGo project is funding art and production costs. So no matter how much money it raises, GeneStorm will be released. That's a pretty good guarantee.
Paul Kidd, the author, is a guy whose talent should be funded, so if tabletop gaming is your thing, go and have a look and if you like what you see, have a think about chipping in and maybe pre-ordering your book. Personally, I can't wait.