How To Controversy Correctly

This one is brief. This one needs no explanation, it just speaks for itself.

I'm going to assume that since you are on the internet, you like controversy. At the very least you like to get shouty and opinionated and tell the world what you think about controversy. I know I do. That's basically what this whole section of my blog is for. Getting shouty and opinionated.

But there's a few super important things you and I need to remember when we're getting shouty and opinionated about controversial and political subjects. These rules apply no matter which side of the debate you're on. For or against same sex marriage? These still apply. Pro life? Pro Choice? Doesn't matter, these rules apply. Campaigner for refugee rights and euthenasia? Against the legalisation of prostitution and drugs? These rules are still for you.

Religious, agnostic, atheist, anti-theist, humanist, communist, anarchist, polygamist, traditionalist, tribalist, journalist, scientist, pianist, lyrcist - does not matter.

So whoever you are and whatever controversy you like to get shouty and opinionated about, you'll find these rules very important for maintaining a reputation for being a DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING.

Consider these three rules a handy guide for your day to day life.

1) Language matters. Choose your words carefully and thoughtfully.
2) It's is way more complicated than a snappy quote or headline.
3) More important than ANYTHING else, remember you're not a discussing abstract and intangible ideas and policies. We're talking about real, living humans and the consequences for them are just as real, no matter what.

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